Our vision is to acquire and develop hard asset companies in transportation, logistics, and e-commerce, as well as the software solutions that are needed to drive the business ecosystems we create. We achieve this through our commitment to innovation, creativity, and an investment in our people.

Our mission drives our investment thesis

We look to invest in companies that have an expertise within their market who support mission critical functions for their clients. We understand that your success as a founder translates to the overall success of Founders Software. For that reason, we focus our investments into companies that can become more efficient, competitive, or scalable when we reinforce the founders with the resources at our disposal.

What if I do not fit into the above categories?

Our executive team has had decades of experience investing in a multitude of businesses. Some examples include consumer-packaged goods, infrastructure, entertainment and gaming, hospitality, healthcare, transportation, and logistics. We are always interested in exploring a good opportunity to expand our business holdings. We have also had experienced in distressed asset sales, which may be a better alternative to bankruptcy or shutting down your business.

Do I have to stay around with the business?

Founders Software namesake was selected purposefully. We hope to have the founders of the companies we acquire or partner with stick around to help us build our ecosystem to something great. But, if that’s not your goal, we are open to owners who want to transition out of the business.

What we’re looking to Acquire

our commitment to social responsibility


A consistent thread for all of Founders Software investments is a commitment to social responsibility. As we build and develop ecosystems, we focus on all stakeholders, including the communities in which we work and live. Part of our mission is to bring positive change to the community, often through job training, employment opportunities, and other initiatives to create change for those who are underrepresented, underserved, or underemployed.