Founders Software operates as a collection of business ecosystems. This is an evolution of traditional vertical markets. Because we’re technology-focused, an ecosystem starts with a strong software platform that the industry relies on to be efficient. This technology acts as the hub of the ecosystem. The hub is used drive innovation within the industry and identify new problems to solve and businesses to acquire. Within the ecosystem, we find opportunities for growth by encouraging collaboration (and competition) within it.

BiTS creates leading edge software for the medical transportation and billing industry.

Founded in 2010, Buffalo Intelligent Technology Systems (BiTS) provides Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) and billing software. BiTS’s NEMT software has become the leading solution for the industry, operating in 48 states. The medical billing software was built to do the work of 1-2 full time employees. Originally only compatible with NYS Medicaid it has since been adapted to work in several other states.

RoutingBox is Revolutionizing Transporters Relationships with their Passengers

RoutingBox was created specifically for the NEMT and paratransit industry. Capabilities encompass: routing and dispatching algorithms, direct broker and payer integrations for seamless importing and billing, and a flexible user interface that is adaptable to any transportation business on the market. Included in the software is a Booking Portal and ClientLink Passenger App. The web-based Booking Portal helps facilities and transporters book trips and check ETAs, reducing the stress caused by repetitive phone calls and increasing trip bookings. The ClientLink Passenger App brings the on-demand trip experience right to passengers.

Algorithms for Demand Generation

Tetriq is a purpose-built algorithm that is designed to solve demand optimization problems in multiple industry sectors. The software leverages cloud technology that can dynamically adapt to the scale of the optimization problem. Taking into consideration both industry and contractual constraints, Tetriq can be purpose-built for specific business cases and adjusted to run different models and business scenarios.

The Most Powerful EDI Billing Solution

MedBatch simplifies the medical billing process and increases the accuracy for billers. Simply import, review, and submit. It’s not uncommon for medical billing to be a full-time job or even multiple full-time positions. With MedBatch, the process is streamlined by minimizing data entry and presenting claim information in a way that’s easy to review before submission. The result is less clerical errors, improved accuracy, enhanced information security, and a significant savings in time and money.

Safe, Courteous, and Prompt Transportation & Logistics

Over the past 15 years, The Cedar Bus Co.’s commitment to quality and focus on innovation has allowed the company to develop into the largest non-emergency health and human services transporter in New York State. Cedar Bus approaches transportation with the understanding that collaboration is crucial to creating a better care delivery model. With 200+ vehicles, Cedar Bus has driven over 5 million miles a year for over a decade, transporting hundreds of thousands of clients on trips annually, all while maintaining record-setting safety scores. Cedar Bus also specializes in logistics and e-commerce, supporting some of the largest e-commerce companies in the world.

Moving Intelligently, Coordinating Efficiently

Based in one of the Buffalo region’s lower-income communities, Cedar Mobility was founded to improve the lives of others in need through training, employment, and advocacy. To accomplish this, Cedar Mobility has brought in multiple grants totaling more than $2.5 million for job training, job access and personal growth. Cedar Mobility has been a pioneer in Medicaid transportation throughout NYS, providing an example of the success that can be accomplished through a social enterprise venture.